DVI_3756 Edited As a Mom and doctor I am reminded daily of the increasing pressures and demands our children face. I am passionate about true mental health prevention, ensuring children have the skills of emotional wellbeing required to thrive.

Why Focus On Happiness At School?

The Umbrella project provides 20 weeks of high quality, engaging curriculum that proactively teaches students the skills of emotional wellbeing and positive stress management.  The project aligns with current English and Health curriculums, builds on requirements in both areas and is appropriate for grades 4 through high school.
The umbrella project is accessible and engaging for students at all levels of emotional wellbeing, from different circumstances and cultural contexts through their own identification of narratives that resonate best with them.  By making use of role modelling and positive priming we increase student confidence in their ability to deal with difficult situations and take on life’s challenges.  The project can be customized and implemented over multiple years within a school, shifting the culture of the school to recognize and celebrate the use of positive coping skills.
Skills covered in the umbrella project include resilience, kindness, gratitude, growth mindset, mindfulness, empathy, cognitive flexibility, grit, hope, self-compassion, autonomy, self-efficacy, purpose, mastery, integrity, authenticity, optimism and healthy lifestyle.
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Additional School Services:


Professional development:

Ensure your teachers, staff and administration aren’t forgetting their own health and wellbeing through PD seminars targeting heathy lifestyle and ongoing development of wellbeing.

School Wide Consulting:

Assessment and consulting services assist in navigating the complicated landscape of mental health and identifying optimal programming options for your school.

How Can Dr. Jen Help?


Dr. Jen Forristal is an advocate for school systems and initiatives that help to educate teachers, parents and students on emotional well-being, to live happier, healthier lives. By working together a greater impact can be achieved.

If you would like Dr. Jen Forristal to attend your school or organization for a speaking engagement or educational workshop, please email: drjen@truewellnesshealth.com